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The Way It Was
In their second book featuring life in Madison County, North Carolina, Jasper (also known as JB) Reese and Gretchen Griffith offer a fascinating introduction to characters filling the Reese, Plemmons and Keener family trees. The stories Jasper shares range from the good, the bad, and the ridiculous to the everyday drudge and challenges that faced his ancestors in the backwoods of the western North Carolina Smoky Mountains. Chapters are designed around song lyrics Jasper wrote telling of his mountain experiences. (The High Hills of Caroline, Hill Billy Boy, and That Old French Broad for example)
Portrait of Jasper by his granddaughter, Kendra Reese
The backwoods of Madison County photograph by Sandy Reese
Madison Magnificence By Jasper Reese October 7, 2020 Neither Van Gough nor Mike Angelo Could have properly painted it. Leonardo Da Vinci could not have sculpted its essence. Only those who lived, loved and labored there, In the midst of its depth, Could project in the memories of their minds, Its true magnificence! And only the Powers that Be could create its beauty!
Max Patch, Madison County North Carolina. Photograph by Sandy Reese
Two authors, Jasper Bernie (JB) Reese and Gretchen Griffith